Wednesday, March 14, 2007


For most of those that were there, standing in that palatial reception room with all its gilt trim, its ornate ceiling and impressive royal paintings hanging on the walls, from years gone by, it was a mildly special but otherwise unspectacular event.

When the huge adjoining doors opened and the Queen of the Netherlands walked in, accompanied by her husband, Prince Claus and the Entourage that goes with them whenever they move, I stepped up and introduced myself for the second time. Just that very fact was proof - for me - that miracles do happen. Next


garyzel said...

Hi Barrie, I just wanted to say "Thanks" for publishing this great tale from the "early days" of display holography! It was great to read and reminisce. Just FYI, I referenced your tale in my blog today. See:
Regards, Gary Z.

jross said...

Hi Barrie, I found your blog via Gary Z's and enjoyed reading your story which explained a lot about why the orders I placed with 'The Company' took so long to arrive. I have been trying to trace Peter C recently but he has gone to ground - any idea where? And do you have any rarities that might be of interest to my collection? I believe we last met in London in the early 80s. All the best,
Jonathan Ross

Andy Pepper said...

Hi Barrie, Jonathan sent me the link to this blog and I read it immediately. Great to have all that background material and information. You were one of the very first people to send me info about holography, when I was an art student in the late 1970's - your material is still in my dissertation. 30 years on we, and holography, are still around - quite an achievement!

Andy Pepper